FANERA BAZAR - direct deliveries from the plant without brokers

FANERA BAZAR   - is a subsidiary of the East European manufacturer "Fanera Bazar". Our company has been selling plywood and lumber since 2001.  At the beginning of 2020, the company opened an office in USA, Florida. 

We have accumulated great experience in supplies to the construction sites, furniture manufacturers, production lines as well as to the households.  Nowadays "FANERA BAZAR" is working successfully in a couple of European countries as well as in CIS (post-soviet states) and Russia. 

All our products conform to industry-specific standards. The widest product range represented by more than 300 types of plywood of different thicknesses and sizes is available.  If you need a reliable supplier of lumber or wood boards you can always make us a request.  We are confident that "FANERA BAZAR" will become your best and most reliable partner for years to come.


  • Fast delivery to any state or a city in USA;
  • All payment methods available;
  • We will provide you with the personal manager and assistance of the expert in plywood selection.
  • Our logistic routes of supplies to every state are time-tested;
  • Best price guarantee
  • Production of the birch, coniferous and laminated plywood on a made-to-order basis, including untypical dimensions;