1" Baltic Birch Plywood

Plywood in wholesale from the manufacturer – all thicknesses and sizes are available.

Fast delivery within USA and pickup from the warehouse in Miami on the day of request.

Our advantages

  • Own manufacturing of the plywood in Europe;
  • More than 300 types of plywood of all thicknesses, sizes, and types;
  • Production of the plywood according to your specifications
  • Stable supplies of the Baltic plywood, namely: birch, coniferous, laminated ;
  • Sawing of the plywood using professional and precision equipment;
  • All the products range is certified, being stored in the dry warehouses, pickup is available;
  • Shipments of any volume, including regular Intermodal transportations of large volumes;

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Date: Friday, April 17, 2020

When it`s necessary to ensure a maximum of durability and protection from the mechanical impact, builders, furniture makers, and other specialists choose 1 inch plywood. 

It`s a sheet product, consisting of 17 layers of veneers, spliced by the special adhesive compounds, most commonly by the phenol-formaldehyde resins with the high degree of moistureproofness. The moistureproofness and resilience to the mechanical i mpacts of the 1 inch plywood sheets define their major areas of the application. They are as follows: building of the durable building constructions, including roof deck, overlaps between the floors, as a basis for the heavy floor coatings ( parquet board as an example), construction of the sport and play grounds, as a foundation moulding( laminated plywood is used, as a rule, what ensures maximum reusability ); furniture manufacturing, including individual furnishing stuff(children chairs and sets and e.t.c), shelves, cabinet-type furniture parts, fabrication of the different shoppy shelves and storage systems, decorative finishing of the facade and interior, and other areas such as floor coating of the vans,  packing, finishing and production of the containers and e.t.c