3/4" Baltic Birch Plywood

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Date: Sunday, April 12, 2020

FANERA BAZAR company offers ¾”  plywood made of Baltic birch or coniferous species. Our plywood consists of quality layers only, thanks to them we can guarantee that every sheet will showcase its unique durability and moistureproofness.

 According to the standards, the sheet from the foliate species has no less than 7 layers of veneer and the coniferous ones no less than 5. This material is quite durable when it comes to the elongation at break and flexure, and more than that, these characteristics are not changing even in case temperature or moisture levels fluctuate. Besides this, a sheet of such a brand has an increased moistureproofness that makes it possible to use it widely during external works. This material is also simple in processing, it`s easy to saw, drill or splice it by the nails as well as with screws. Altogether it allows to apply the plywood in different areas such as construction and manufacturing.

One can build constructions from the ¾ plywood that will be able to withstand high load. This plywood is frequently used in the construction of the temporary structures which are used as flooring for the roof stacking, sheathing of the partition and the walls from the inside.

Every sheet of our 3/4 Baltic birch plywood is made of the high-quality integral birch fabric which allows to achieve exceptional durability and moistureproofness.   The density of the layers ( it has 30%-40% more layers than the regular plywood) provides unsurpassed stability, and a factual density of the front layers means much better resilience to the mechanical defects.  The end faces of the sheet are almost free of emptinesses what may be used for decorative purposes while grinding.

In case you are looking for a sheet of a little bit different size, the one that is a little bit bigger or smaller, just order the next larger size and in the comments section of the order specify the exact size you are looking for, and we will cut it for you.

We can cut the material on the CNC machine which uses rotating ferrule for the plywood cutting. CNC machine is very precise but doesn`t leave the material with the same clean razor edge as well laser.  Light edge grinding of the sheet will allow to achieve better results.

Besides grinding we can add any holes to the sheet, make circle and painted plywood, make lamination of the plywood on the one or on the both sides.

We can deliver plywood of any size and quantity.

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