The plywood used for the shuttering is called shuttering plywood. Layers of the veneer can be spliced by the WPB or an MR glue.  Sides of the plywood panel are covered with the special thick paper, which is impregnated with the formaldehyde resins. 

Laminated plywood from FANERA BAZAR has a number of advantages. It is: moisture-proof, resilient to the impact of the chemicals, doesn't subject to the devastating effect of the insects and fungus.  Smooth surface is easily washed what makes the material hygienic. The color of the laminate is usually dark-brown (120g/m2) or black (240g/m2). But, green, yellow, or transparent colors can also be found on the market. There are also options with the thicker layer of the laminate.

Laminated sheets are deemed to be more quality in comparison to the ordinary plywood sheets with a thin layer of film. Thus, this type is the most expensive and resilient.

Cheaper type presupposes lack of laminate.

Edges of all the types of shuttering plywood panels are often covered with the laminating film what allows to minimize ingress of the moisture on the veneer.