1-inch plywood

Have you been looking for an exceptionally strong, easy-to-process wood board, and haven't found anything that combines excellent durability and a bargain price? We offer Russian birch plywood — an excellent material that has conquered the world.

Ordinary birch plywood for Do-It-Yourselfers that you can buy in the United States consists not only of birch. Only two outer plies in it are made of birch. Birch plywood is expensive in the USA, and two outer plies are quite sufficient for inexpensive plywood. The problem is that they are very thin, and beneath them, there is plywood made of softer pine or poplar wood. There are open voids in the inner plies. Imagine that you are carving a material with voids and cracks inside. You will just waste time and money!

However, there is a country where birchwood is not so expensive. Russia has huge birch forests. The area is amazing. Birchwood is available there. Russian factories make plywood with dense and very durable plies of birch veneer inside. In Russia, such plywood is not too expensive, and this is probably the best that you can find in Florida and the USA in general. It is available at our store.

Russian 1-inch birch plywood is glued from 17-18 plies of excellent birch veneer, which gives it outstanding strength and excellent fastener retention. Our company offers birch plywood of three grades (we use Russian names, because in the USA, many manufacturers use their own nomenclature):

  • FK is the plywood glued with urea-formaldehyde glue. The layers of glue in it are light-colored. It does not contain phenol. It may be used indoors, even in children's rooms. It may be used for making toys and interior decoration.
  • FSF is the plywood glued with phenol-formaldehyde resins. The layers of glue in it are dark-red or brown. It is moisture-resistant plywood that can and should be used only in wet rooms and outdoors. It makes excellent floors and sides for trailers and campers, benches, outdoor stairs, playgrounds in the garden, and garden furniture.
  • Laminated birch plywood. It is glued with waterproof phenol-formaldehyde resins. Both faces are covered with a waterproof protective film, and the edges are painted with waterproof paint. This plywood features very high strength and moisture resistance. If you work with concrete, if you need formwork material that should last for a long time, this is what you have always looked for. Laminated plywood may also have a meshed face to prevent slipping. It is used for the floor in trailers and campers, in open areas, and for walkways.


Plywood grades

There are only four grades of plywood not laminated with a film.

Grade A is an ideal smoothly sanded surface without knots. If there are minor defects, they are repaired for updating a smooth surface for paintwork.

Grade B – knots up to 1 inch in diameter are allowed, all defects are to be repaired; the plywood is sanded.

Grade C is unsanded plywood that may have defects up to 1 ½ inches in diameter and discoloration.

Grade D is the cheapest unsanded plywood; it may have discoloration, defects up to 2 ½ inches in diameter, and the outer ply may be damaged.


You can also buy mix-grade plywood with faces of different quality. It has two-letter classifications.


1-inch birch plywood is used as follows


The exceptional strength of this plywood allows making loaded structures such as:

  • stair treads;
  • floors on floor beams;
  • roof decking that can withstand even ceramic tiles;
  • floors and sides in campers and trailers, including trailers for boats and yachts;
  • children's houses and other structures for the garden;
  • carved designer products;
  • formwork;
  • tabletops for sports, work and designer tables;
  • bases for machines;
  • containers and trailers for transportation of large and strong animals;
  • shields to protect shop windows and doors from hurricanes and looters; and
  • stages, sports grounds for skateboarding and cycling.

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