Sheet size:  60" x 60"

Sheet size:  48" x 96"  

Laminated  Plywood

Sheet size:  48" x 96"    

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Grade F/F laminated










Grade F/W laminated











Need a thin material with a smooth attractive surface, but strong enough for drilling and screwing, driving nails, curving, and painting? If you are looking for something like this, we are pleased to present ½-inch Russian birch plywood.


The inexpensive birch plywood that you can buy at Do-It-Yourself stores is usually not made 100% of birch. And this is bad, because birch is very durable, 20 % stronger than pine. However, it is also quite expensive in the USA with few birch forests (and with none at all in Florida and other Southern states). In inexpensive birch plywood, only two outer plies are usually made of birch. These plies are very thin. Beneath them, you can find plywood made of soft pine or poplar, which is even worse. There are often voids inside plywood.

Russian birch plywood is made of birch only. The stocks of birch are huge. It is not spared. In Russia, there are also stringent standards for plywood quality. They do not allow voids inside the plywood sheet. That is why Russian birch plywood is considered one of the best in the world.

Advantages of Russian birch plywood:

  • solid texture of dense birchwood without voids;
  • high bending strength in all directions;
  • ease of processing — birch plywood is easy to cut, drill, and carve;
  • light-colored smooth sanded surface with absolutely no defects or almost no defects; and
  • good moisture resistance provided that you choose proper plywood for your work.

½-inch birch plywood is glued from 9 sheets of birch veneer. You can buy one of the three plywood types:

1. Plywood with the urea-formaldehyde glue – in Russia, it is called FK plywood. This glue does not contain phenol. This plywood is used for making furniture, lining indoor walls, and for making children's toys and interior items.

2. Plywood with phenol-formaldehyde glue, it is called FSF. This plywood is highly moisture resistant. It is intended for making the structures that may be exposed to moisture. Need sheathing the walls in the barn? Use the WBP plywood. Want to make some structures inside a boat? Birch plywood with phenol-formaldehyde glue is also fit for it. Want to make a tree fort for your child? Again, use the FSF plywood.

3. Laminated birch plywood. A waterproof film is applied to this plywood on the outside. It is mainly intended for making formworks. You can also buy laminated plywood with an embossed surface. Shoes do not slip on such a surface. It is used for making the floor in trailers and campers. However, ½-inch plywood is not strong enough and may fail to support human weight. If you need waterproof plywood for the floor in your camper, we recommend using 1-inch laminated plywood.

½-inch birch plywood is used for:

  • construction of entertainment centers;
  • making cabinets, coffee tables, and other furniture;
  • making wall panels;
  • making toys;
  • making homemade decor;
  • roofing;
  • laying on the floor beneath any type of floor covering; and
  • lining doors and other structures.

Birch plywood is easy to saw, but if you use improper tools, scores may appear on the edge of the saw cut. To cut plywood neatly, use an 80-tooth (or greater) table saw blade for the sheet materials intended for sheet goods, or a carbide-tipped circular saw plywood blade.