Retail Prices Sheet size:  60" x 60" Sheet size:  48" x 96"   Laminated  Plywood Sheet size:  48" x 96"      GRADE Price per sheet Price per sheet CP/C $12.92 $18.19 Grade F/F laminated $49.30 C/C $12.41 $17.00 CP/CP $13.60 - BB/C $14.79 $27.71 Grade F/W laminated $51.68 CP/BB $15.30 $20.06 BB/BB $15.81 $20.57 B/BB $21.59 - FANERA-BAZAR sells only Russian birch plywood and blanks of it. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida, but you can order plywood delivery to any city and state in the USA. Our company is a dealer of two largest plywood mills in Russia. We can either arrange direct delivery of any quantities or sell a single sheet from the stock. ¼-inch Russian birch plywood is ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers who need a durable and flexible plate with an attractive exterior. It is made of 5 plies of excellent birch veneer. This northern wood is 20% stronger than pine wood, and it is less damaged by insects. Russia is very rich in birch forests, therefore, in Russian birch plywood, all inner plies are made of deciduous veneer, and they are always solid! You won't find voids there.

Advantages of ¼-inch Baltic birch plywood:

  • high tensile, compression, and bending strength that remains the same with any vector of loading;
  • flexibility;
  • absence of voids — you can fix it anywhere equally strongly;
  • high moisture resistance, the degree of which depends on what plywood grade you choose; and
  • attractive appearance – light birch wood with a beautiful pattern is exactly what you need for creating an outstanding designer product.


  • Making home-made furniture, including cabinets and armchairs. The strength of ¼-inch plywood is insufficient for making side walls and shelves in cabinets and tabletops out of it, but it may be used inside a frame, or become a part of the lid or a decorative element.
  • Making children's toys and other small items.
  • Sheathing of the walls and the ceiling. Wall panels made of birch plywood will make your interior fantastic! You can use cheaper plywood with only one sanded decorative face.
  • Making sliding doors.
  • Laying on the floor beneath the floor covering.

Plywood grades

We have birch plywood an all grades in stock. If you are planning to make furniture or designer products, grade A or B plywood will be the best choice. Grade A plywood does not have any defects on the surface. Grade B plywood may have defects on the surface up to 1 inch in diameter. The faces are always sanded. Grade C and D plywood has defects on the faces, and the surface is not sanded. Such plywood is used if appearance is not important for the product.

There are also mixed grades of plywood, such as AC, for sale. In such plywood, one face is sanded and does not have defects, and the other face is unsanded and may have defects on the surface. The price of AC plywood is lower than that of AA; therefore, it is advantageous to use it for wall panels. Only one face of it is visible.