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FANERA-BAZAR sells only Russian birch plywood and blanks of it. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida, but you can order plywood delivery to any city and state in the USA. Our company is a dealer of two largest plywood mills in Russia. We can either arrange direct delivery of any quantities or sell a single sheet from the stock.

¼-inch Russian birch plywood is ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers who need a durable and flexible plate with an attractive exterior. It is made of 5 plies of excellent birch veneer. This northern wood is 20% stronger than pine wood, and it is less damaged by insects. Russia is very rich in birch forests, therefore, in Russian birch plywood, all inner plies are made of deciduous veneer, and they are always solid! You won't find voids there.

The FANERA-BAZAR Company sells 1/8-inch Russian birch plywood of various sizes and grades.


Why Russian birch plywood?

You surely know about the exceptional properties of birch wood. It is hard, dense, and very strong — about 20 % stronger than pine wood. Birch plywood is considered one of the best in the world. However, there are few birch forests in the USA, and in Florida and Southern states, there is no birch at all. The price of birch veneer in the USA is very high. Therefore, inexpensive birch plywood has birch plies only on the outside. The inner plies may be made of the soft poplar or pine.

Poplar is cheap but very fragile. When processing such wood, the tool may tear it, rather than cut. It is difficult to saw, and almost impossible to carve.

In Russia, there are many birch forests, and birch wood is cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Therefore, Russian companies make all plies, including the inner ones, of birch veneer. Even thin 1/8-inch Russian birch plywood features exceptional strength and flexibility. If you need durable, easy to process, and beautiful wood board, Russian birch plywood is the best choice.

What is good about 1/8-inch Russian birch plywood?

  • high and uniform strength in all directions;
  • solid structure without voids inside;
  • impressive flexibility and the ability to restore its shape after bending (but you can steam and then dry it in the bent state, thus obtaining a complex bent shape);
  • light-colored beautiful wood; and
  • ease of processing and painting.

And all this comes at a good price: FANERA-BAZAR is a direct dealer of large Russian companies, and we offer a good price for all plywood and plywood discs of various thicknesses.

The use of 1/8-inch plywood

1/8 plywood is very thin. It is used for sheathing the ceilings and for making bent elements: the thin 1/8-inch plate allows obtaining curved contour. You can also use it for making back walls of cabinets, children's toys, and small fielded panels for the doors.

Modeling fans also highly appreciate Russian birch plywood: it is suitable for making models of cars, ships, and aircraft, including the ones able to sail or fly.


Types of plywood

Russian birch plywood may be glued with urea-formaldehyde or phenol-formaldehyde glue. The plywood with urea-formaldehyde glue is light-colored at the edges. It is safe for indoor use. It is suitable for making furniture, toys, and other structures for the rooms with low humidity.

The plywood with phenol-formaldehyde glue is used outdoors, or in the rooms with high humidity. If you make working models of ships or airplanes, if you make designer furniture for the garden or the pool, you better choose plywood with such glue, which in Russia is designated as FSF.


Plywood grades

In the USA, plywood is usually classified into four grades:

  • Grade A is the plywood with an ideal sanded surface, all possible minor defects are repaired for obtaining a surface for painting;
  • Grade B is sanded plywood with knots and repaired defects of the surface 1 inch in diameter allowed;
  • Grade C is unsanded plywood with discoloration, sanding defects, and unrepaired defects up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter on the face; and
  • Grade D is the cheapest grade of plywood. The surface may have defects up to 2 1/2 inches, sending defects and discoloration.

You may also buy mix-grade plywood with a two-letter identification, for example, 1/8-inch 8х4 inches BC birch plywood.