Sheet size:  60" x 60"

Sheet size:  48" x 96"  

Laminated  Plywood 

Sheet size:  48" x 96"       

GRADE Price per sheet Price per sheet



Grade F/F laminated











Grade F/W laminated












If you need high-quality panel wood material for construction or Do-It-Yourself projects, you will probably be happy using Russian birch plywood. It features exceptional strength, good moisture resistance, and attractive appearance.

You must have seen inexpensive birch plywood at a large hardware store, and you would have worked with it. You know that many types of such plywood have birch plies only on the outside, and these plies are very thin. Inside, there are 7, 9, or 11 plies of soft pine or poplar — the more, the better. These plies inside may even have voids in them. Not bad if your project does not require high strength or carving. However, if it does, such a structure is a problem.

Russian manufacturers of birch plywood use birch veneer in all plies and there are many of these plies! 7/8-inch plywood has at least 15 birch plies. And they are all solid; there are no voids inside the plywood. This guarantees excellent durability and the possibility of complex processing, which becomes easy if you have good material.