Not so long ago, designers did not even attempt to consider plywood as decorative material for the walls, but today their opinion has changed dramatically, as manufacturers have started making a wider range of such materials. In creating interiors, there is an opportunity now to put in place interesting designing ideas.

Plywood as a finishing material for the walls has many advantages, including the following:

  • high level of heat insulation and soundproofing,
  • 100 % environmental friendliness,
  • excellent strength characteristics of the surface of the material, and
  • low weight.

This material is inexpensive and easily installed, and the walls faced with it create a perfectly smooth surface.

If you use the classic plywood made of birch veneer, it will be able to freely withstand high loads without losing its properties throughout the entire service life. Finishing with the use of this material will not entail significant investment. If you have decided to cover the walls in the house with plywood, in choosing it, you should consider the conditions in the room where it will be used: humidity, prevailing microclimate, and the complexity of the room geometry.

Types of plywood for wall finish

  1. Laminated

Currently, this type of material is very popular. In making such plywood, manufacturers use laminated coatings, which give the material a beautiful appearance. The following wood species are used for manufacturing: larch, birch, poplar, or pine.

  1. A and B grade decorative plywood

This plywood looks very nice due to shape cutting. Beautiful patterns of various shapes can be used in making this finishing material. The decorative sheets do not have good wear and moisture resistance, therefore, finishing the walls with the plywood of this grade is not recommended in the rooms with high humidity. Moisture will make plywood sheets lose their initial appeal very soon.


Today, plywood is the most popular material, which is widely used for the walls. Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, the strength and durability of this material are not inferior to those of many analogs, while its cost is much lower. Finishing with the use of plywood sheets is not a problem even for inexperienced users.

We will be happy to consult you about all the peculiarities of choosing plywood for the walls.