Interior plywood is intended for use in decorative applications, where the beautiful aesthetic finish is needed. For example, for interior wall panels and furniture, for the floor, but in any case, it should not be used in the open air in the conditions of high humidity.


There are five varieties of veneer identified as A, S, B, C, and D, in descending quality order. In plywood marking, the grade of the front face veneer is determined first, followed by the grade of the rear face veneer. As a rule, it makes no sense buying the AA grade plywood when you only need one visible layer. For example, if only one face of the sheet is to be visible, for example, in for wall covering, you may choose plywood grade AC or AD.

· Grade A has the best veneer appearance for decorative purposes.

· Grade B is a little worse but quite suitable for paintwork.

· Grade C may have darkening and knots and is not recommended for visible parts.

· Grade D is definitely not intended for decorative purposes, as it has too many visual defects.


Peculiarities of interior plywood

· It does not require high-tech equipment.

· The sheets may be nailed close enough to their edges.

· Ordinary wood glue may be used.

· There are many decor options.

· They are naturally beautiful.