Sheet size:  60" x 60"

Sheet size:  48" x 96"  

Laminated  Plywood 

Sheet size:  48" x 96"      

GRADE Price per sheet Price per sheet



Grade F/F laminated










Grade F/W laminated











If you need durable material for sheathing building structures, making furniture, or Do-It-Yourself projects, you will definitely like ¾-inch Russian birch plywood. This material features exceptional strength, high moisture resistance, and ease of processing.

All wooden plies inside Russian laminated plywood are made of first-grade birch veneer. Birchwood is very hard: it is 20 ‑ 25 % stronger than pine or most softwood. The inexpensive birch plywood sold in the USA is usually not quite made of birch. Birch is used for making only the outer plies, while inside, there is coniferous plywood. This is done to make the price of the product more attractive. Russia has the world's largest birch forests. Russian companies do not spare veneer, and Russian birch plywood is one of the best in the world. This is exactly what is commonly named true cabinet grade. FANERA-BAZAR offers such plywood.

¾-inch plywood

¾-inch birch plywood is made of 13 plies. They can be glued with the glues that are safe for indoor use, or with the glues for outdoor use, which ensure particularly high moisture resistance of the plywood.

Birch plywood is ideal for a wide range of carpentry works, home decoration, construction, modeling, and making sports equipment. The multi-ply hardwood structure ensures high tensile strength and resistance to bending in all directions. Grade A and B plywood has a sanded surface, and it is easy to paint for obtaining a perfect look.


  • making strong home furniture with outstanding decorative properties;
  • making working furniture, tables, workbenches, or bases for small machines;
  • making children's toys, including rocking horses;
  • carving;
  • making doors and manhole covers;
  • making cottle boards for a ceramics slip casting project;
  • making steps and other elements of stairs;
  • roof decking for heavy roofs — Russian plywood is stronger than OSB;
  • modeling;
  • making the floor and sides and trailers and campers; and
  • making ramps for skateboarding, riding BMX bicycles, and roller skating.