Stricter requirements in terms of the appearance of the face veneer have always applied to the plywood used for making furniture. Strictly speaking, term plywood furniture does not exist. This kind of plywood includes the whole range of high-quality grade A and B plywood.

To achieve the most pleasant visual effect, sheets of hardwood plywood are usually used for furniture finish; such plywood is often called cabinet grade plywood since it is used indoors. Neither oriented strand-board nor medium-density fiberboard is a worthy replacement for it, due to their softness and poor decorative look.

The entire range of furniture — chairs, cabinets, and tables — is made of grade A plywood. Sometimes, if minor defects of the plywood sheet surface are allowed, or if they create some natural charm by the knots and waves, grade B may be used as well.

The breed (type) of plywood wood used for making furniture is almost always birch. The reason is the thick and more durable face veneer of the plywood sheet material, unlike soft and loose pine grades.

In this respect, the Baltic birch is an ideal candidate for furniture construction. It is easy to work with, it lasts for decades, and, finally, it is relatively inexpensive, compared to other wood breeds.

If you already know the size of the plywood sheets you need for your furniture, we can saw them up according to your drawings in advance. In this case, everything will be completely ready before your arrival.